Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Yes Australia, your beloved Vegemite betrayed you with horrible American branding, and you should revolt against Kraft! And once they are torn from their throne, I can begin a systematic destruction of their factories, and steal their recipes for deciphering that ingredient that causes addiction to those nasty processed products while making you five times as fat as well!!

....too bad they were tamed by a change of name. unlocking the secrets to the addictiveness of their fatty and hiugh sugar goods would prove a delightful addition to waffles and cookies. Eat one, and you'll never stop. And while you're busy stuffing your oinker, I'll just destroy your building with giant exploding souffles. >:3


  1. Salty, gooey yeast paste is what they like. Adding crazy flavorful goodness like "cream cheese" and calling it iSnack 2.0? A crime against the Vegimite Eaters everywhere!
    -Verdant Ecdysozoa

  2. Did you ever have those hot dogs that had cheese product *already* embedded within? You'd bite into one and it would slowly leak out?

    Jesus... it's a good thing I can't find those anymore.